Manuela Pertega was born in Barcelona, Spain. She graduated in Fine Arts from University of Barcelona before focusing on Illustration and Comic in Pau Gargallo art institute.


2022 Published Blondie againts de Odds. With Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Connor, Blondie, John McCrea… (Z2Comic editorial).

2022 Published with Frank Marrafino and  Steve Hochman. Heartstrings, Melissa Etheridge& her guitars (Z2Comic editorial).

2022 Book release La femme surréalista in the prestigious Théâtre 0f Angouleme (Live Magazine) and book signing in the Angouleme international comics festival (Nouveau Monde editorial).

2021 Published graphic novel Joan Jett & Blackhearts. With Amanda Deivert, Winners Twins, Eugenia Vereli, Angie Zeleski, Cat Staggs, Clara Tessier, Tara McPherson(Z2 comic editorial). 

2021 Book release La femme surréalista in Théâtre des Mathurins, Paris. 20th anniversary of Nouveau monde. (Live Magazine).

2021 Published La femme surréaliste (Nouveau Monde editorial).

2021 Exhibition in Peninsular Fine Arts Center (PFAC) Virginia; Masters of Surrealism: Picasso, Dali and Miró.

2020 The graphic novel Giraffe on horseback salad was nominated for the Eisner Awards.

2018 Published with Josh Frank and Tim Heidecker, Giraffes on horseback salad (Quirk books editorial). A Graphic Novel of Salvador Dali’s lost Marx Brothers movie.

2018 Book release in London Barbican center. Movie: Animal Crackers.

2018  Book release in JW3 (London JCC) – Movie: Horse Feathers.